Android or Apple: Which is Right For You?

When it comes to a mobile device, there are essentially two main types – Android or Apple. This is referring to the operating system found on the device, and they are both very different. You are going to want the type that best suits you, and knowing the differences between the two will help you to figure that out. Below is a brief description of the two major types of smartphones that should help you to make your decision.


Apple essentially started the smartphone revolution with the invention of the iPhone. To this day, the iPhone remains one of the best smartphones in the world. If you want to get an apple device, you will be getting an iPhone as it is in the only device that runs this software. What sets Apple phones apart from all of the others are its ease of use, its sleek design, and its powerful hardware. The iPhone was designed with the user in mind, and to that end it is very easy to use. Even someone with little technological experience can find their way around an iPhone with a little practice. On top of that, iPhones generally have some of the best hardware inside the devices, making them fast and reliable.

There are three major drawbacks when it comes to iPhones. First, if you like devices that are customizable, then the iPhone is not for you. What you see is what you get with this device, and each one is essentially the same as all of the others. Second, the battery life on iPhones can be somehwat lacking, and you may find yourself looking for an outlet frequently. Lastly, since these devices are top of the line, they are normally very expensive. If you want to get an iPhone, but you are on a budget, you will probably have to settle for an older model. That being said, if you are looking for a good smartphone, you can't go wrong with an iPhone.


Your other option is an Android device. Unlike Apple phones, there is a wide variety of Android devices. Since the Android system is open source, this allows any company to produce an Android device. This has led to a large variety of mobile phones that support this system, ranging in features and in price. This means that you can find a device that suits not only what you are looking for in a phone, but also your budget. Because of this, it is hard to describe Android phones as a whole. What we can say is that these devices are normally very customizable, have great hardware inside them, and offer some unique features that are not available through iPhones.

When it comes to drawbacks, the biggest one is the ease of use. While most people will be able to figure out the most basic features of an Android device, there are so many features on them that it can be hard to learn how to use them all. There are also a lot of customizable options on each device, and the number of choices can be overwhelming. Many people would prefer the simple design of the iPhone, where everything is done for you and is ready to use.